From Ecuador

The Imbayakunas

I usually carry my camera with me, and I rarely to never go downtown without my camera, even my family and friends sometime say that I am crazy to carry all that load wherever I go .. Certainly this time I was very happy that I did take my equipments with me and didn’t listen to their words .. šŸ˜‰ ..

By a coincidence that day, I was passing by when I heard a very soft, attracting melody, it made me to go and look between the crowds to see what was all of this coming from. I saw a band with their cultural music and beautiful traditional appearance that you would fall in love from the first sight, they simply speak to your soul. I looked around to see everyone dancing on the rhythm of their smooth music; kids, young, and old people. The band amazed everyone around, not only were they playing a great music, but also them being the kind souls of their harmony and lovely individualsĀ that one would like to meet .. By speaking to them and certainly for them being just who they are, they made my day .. “The Imbayakunas” a band from the Ecuador representing their country and origins also they truly take you to their world by watching them and listening to their songs .. You can also go to their WebsiteĀ to know more about their history and see their albums ..

Here is the band .. Miguel, Andrey, Santiago, Patricio (From left to right) ..
Enjoy ..


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